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And so it Starts……. — November 29, 2013

And so it Starts…….

I have finally decided to start blogging. There’s something so liberating about it, I think. It’s like your brain running around naked exposing my thoughts but lets just hope I get more positive feedback than, well anyway. I love that I can now babble out the billions of thoughts I have clouding up my brain. Maybe I will be able to focus on writing my manuscript again after I express my personal thoughts and opinions. Isn’t it funny how it feels like you are baring your soul when you write a book but the impending criticism flares up every now and then crushing your fantasies. I’m hoping that by writing this blog I will learn to be more confident with myself and what I write. I want to prove myself to the world and I want people to read a book I’ve written and enjoy the journey it’s taken them on. For that to happen though, there is soooo much work to be done. Sometimes I want to put up a quote or a few lines from a manuscript and see if I have enticed people to want to read my writing. Acceptance is such a heavy weight on so many of us. I guess I just want to be proud of what I am. 

If I think too long I get very philosophical haha