Australia – The lonely island where dreams have limits

29 Sep


This blog isn’t just about me loving and being proud of my country but also of the struggles Australian Artist/Writers face by living here.

Australia – The lonely island with beautiful landscapes that harbour all kinds of deadly creatures. It’s the ‘land of the free’ where pretty much everyone is descended from criminals. Our home is usually summed up as ‘beautiful but deadly’ and I love that.

Welcome to Australia

I’ve travelled to a few place over the globe (nowhere near as many as I would like to) but Australia truly is unique. I’m a born and bred Aussie and love my home land. I lived in Japan for a few months and loved the experience but upon arrival home I realised I missed it much more than I had thought. It’s not just because my life and family are here either. We can boast some of the most beautiful beaches while adding in the multiple animals that want to kill you all in the same sentence. The centre of this land is filled with a landscape that will kill you in a matter of days and you’ll be lost forever. Stray of the lonely road and death isn’t a chance but a reality. There’s no shade for miles, water is a distant memory and if you happen to come across any animal (cattle, dingoes, eagles, camels) they’ll probably kill you before you can kill them so food is a forgotten luxury as well. Moral of the story – maybe just stick to the bigger highways with lots of traffic. I love my country but there are some big disadvantages especially in industry I want to break into.

Artists including writers have learnt sine they were a child that gaining success, even fame in this country for their talents usually means that that’s where it will end. We all know that it’s near impossible to take our talents to the next level and become known worldwide. The most recent perfect example of this is Iggy Azalea. Amethyst Amelia Kelly was a country town Aussie girl who knew all too well that to be someone in this world you had to go to ‘the land of the famous,’ on the other side of the globe.

Unfortunately Iggy Azalea seems to have disassociated herself from her birth country as well as gaining a very natural American accent in a very short amount of time. We all have a reasons for the decisions we make but I can’t help but think that her reasoning may have stemmed from the belief that being known as a foreigner might hamper her chances to be ‘big.’

As a writer who has manuscripts that I dream will be loved worldwide, I know that the chances of that whilst living in Australia and committing to Aus publishers are probably very slim.

There’s so much talent in this beautiful harsh country that hopefully, one day the world will look to us for the latest crazes, music, books, movies and much more. There is endless inspiration here and I hope the world sees that sooner rather than later. So why not check out Aus origanted works of art such as music, books, movies, etc, I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

I’d love to know what everyone thinks of when they think of Australia?

map of aus puddle


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2 responses to “Australia – The lonely island where dreams have limits

  1. Pete

    September 29, 2014 at 5:18 am

    I have, for some unknown reason, had a fascination with Australia since my school days, but like many other things on my bucket list I will probably never get to visit there. I also apologize because when I hear the words Australia I think of one of the readers of my blog, Terry, from your country, who visited me at my remote cabin in Northern Alaska……OH and yes the band Midnight Oil *_*

    • charlottebull88

      September 30, 2014 at 12:57 am

      Thanks for the comment Pete.
      I may be biased but I think you picked a good country to like. I’d assume weather-wise Aus would be significantly different from Alaska. I’ve only seen snow once and it was a 14hr drive to get to one of the only areas where it snows here. Don’t get me wrong though, it gets damn freezing in winter but we don’t get the snow which would make the cold bearable. I do hope that one day you get to experience the wonders this country has to offer. If not then I sometimes post blogs about my journeys across the country and the amazing things I see.
      I love that you think of Midnight Oil, I probably only know one or two of their songs as they were more my parents generation. I thought we’d be known for our constant droughts, laid back attitude or strange, deadly wildlife. Either way I’m glad you would like to visit one day 🙂


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