I’m sitting here with an unreasonable amount of tabs open in my browser with a vacant lost expression on my face. After hours of research into the pros and cons of how to go about getting my manuscript out to readers I’ve decided I’m much more confused than I was before I started. I’m drowning in a sea of advice given from a million conflicting sources. My goal is for my manuscript to be given life and make its way in this big world. Who’d have thought writing 100,000 words would’ve been the easy part.

I’m fairly new to the manuscript/book writing game so getting my manuscript to become more than just that, seems an impossible task now. From Literary Agents, Publishers, competitions and self publishing – all of which seem to have some real pros and cons. I’ve been deliberating for weeks now and my first choice with this current manuscript was to self publish. I have been jumping between ideas since googling everything I can think of to do with publishing but I’ve finally decided to stick with my decision to self publish. I’ve felt like this has been a huge decision and I’m scared I’m doing the wrong thing but I’m going to follow my instincts. I’m a bit worried now that I’ll be useless at raising a child if I find it so hard to make a decisions on things like a manuscript…. o_O Plans to have a family may have just been delayed for awhile now haha.

When it comes to finding the right way how to go about bringing a manuscript to life, I’m not sure I’ll know if it was right for quite some time. No-one’s going to hold my hand as much as I wanted to cling to the hope that someone will but maybe its for the best.  

So here’s to making my own way in this world and to never knowing if I’m right 🙂