This blog entry isn’t just for writers but for readers and writers alike.

What makes your favourite character? Favourite villain? Favourite hero? And why? It all comes down to your own personality and life experiences. Every single one of us will have different answers and hundreds of different reasons too. In a love triangle in a book I always fall in love with the guy who has loved her from the beginning. The unwavering love that will always be there is the one that will always triumph over the rest. True pure love doesn’t die. There is no end to it so for me a character who posses that kind of love will always win my heart. But that’s just me and I’m a true romantic.If you take your favourite book and look at the characters you connected with most. Are those characters the same ones that the writer has promoted to those roles? Not always but that’s a good thing.

Every author, whether they know it or not, bases their characters on what they love and hate and their life experiences. I attended an all girls college for the whole of my schooling. When you’ve got 1000+ girls together there is a lot of bitchiness and always an unspoken competition over whose parents have the most money. Unfortunately I was near the bottom and although I harboured a lot of resentment toward those girls with exceedingly wealthy parents, I am now appreciative that my parents taught my the value of money. We always had to budget and I was very grateful for everything I was given. My sister and I were spoilt by our parents as much as they could afford (and so much than that) but we were respectful. Manners were a huge thing in my house and we weren’t even allowed to say bum. All of those things have shaped me to unknowingly create antagonists that are usually female, mostly bratty and impolite. My protagonists are usually relatable to me – regardless of how much money their family has they are polite, respectful and many nice things but not EVERYTHING. Of course I refuse to allow my life thus far dictate all of my writing but it is nice to create a few characters that bring out strong feelings within you whether it be positive or negative. That is something that I feel is paramount to writing. You need to feel passionate about all of your characters (main ones especially) in order to portray them in a way that people can also relate to. So next time you read or write maybe stop for a moment to consider why you love/hate certain characters and you might find you learn something about yourself. It’s important to never been ashamed of the things in life that have shaped you as a person because sometimes they can inspire you to write something incredible.

Better get back to editing I guess…..