It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged or really had much to do with social media as I’ve felt I needed to concentrate on family time but as I sit in the silence on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t help but write. I have been editing of late which means that I won’t let myself be distracted by writing as I know I’ll get carried away and forget to finish my editing. This hasn’t helped my attitude toward editing which is already not highly regarded by me. A necessary evil but reading my work does ignite a sense of pride and excitement. 

But on the cloudy afternoon, in the solitude of my empty house I allow my thoughts to wander. It’s a strange thing to explain to those who don’t like to write but allowing your head to venture into the unknown thoughts that linger in the shadows is a release. It is a soothing sense of freedom that makes me want to forget it all and start writing something new. The only way I can explain it is (I assume) the same freedom that a dog in a car with its head out the window enjoying the breeze whistling through its fur feels.

Silence is the real window to the soul I believe. In silence we can let our soul be free and create what it wants. In silence our thoughts can take over our reality, smothering the boredom that so often comes along. Its a beautiful sound. Nothing, just nothing. There’s a ticking clock but it seems so distant. My head spins with new ideas that its hidden for too long. I’m happy, I feel at peace with the world and with that comes the level on release that allows my mind to do what it does best – create. The stories, characters and scenarios spin wildly through my head and I marvel at my brain. All the emotions I feel in my reality have marked my soul in some way and all of those marks have had their purpose in my ideas. Strong, overwhelming emotions can give you the understanding of some of your characters and that is what makes a book so much better – related, realistic characters. 

I have my pen and notebook and my laptop to take note of these ideas. Soon the noises of life will start up again and I will have to leave my imagination and its thoughts at the back of my mind. As my family returns, a sliver of disappointment washes over me but then I realise these are the ones that show me such powerful emotions, these are the ones that inspire my writing.