I think that sometimes my mind wanders at the strangest times but when I have an idea, a thought, I get completely lost in it. One that came to me lately and has been bugging me ever since is the motives of human beings. I had a terrible thought whilst driving in the car with my husband and I couldn’t stop analysing it.

Are human’s innately selfish? Deep down, at the very core, are we just creatures driven by our own selfishness. A morbid thought but one that I can’t ignore. There isn’t much comradery around anymore and people will stampede others just to get some unnecessary item cheap or free. Let’s face it, the fuelling behind that is not a pretty one. I can’t sanctimoniously make such a declaration without admitting my own deep-rooted selfish desires. The scary part is that I worry that deep down, when survival relies on it, how long will our humanity last?

Broaching this theory with my husband, who I’m not sure is one to question the universe, I confessed that it was a discerning thought. His response – no, I think people are either driven by selfishness or love. It can be either.

As a man who will certainly not be the next Gandhi, I was surprised by his insight. This is a man who has experienced examples of how dark humans can really be, yet he makes me consider my theory, gives me hope that there’s more to humans.

I’m still analysing this theory, but my usually not contemplative husband has got a point. There are many cases that showcase a side to humanity that isn’t based off selfishness. Maybe I’m just a half empty kind of gal. I’m glad I’ve got a half/half kind of guy to change my perspective.