To love is to fear

The thought came to me recently when I heard about a friend’s husband who had passed away. Love is what drives away all our other fears but it does however (and deny it as much as you like) create a new kind of fear – a fear of live without such love.

Taken away fear

There are two types of fear that come with loving something so incredibly much. Of course there is the selfish love – I don’t want to live without them; and then there’s the – I never want anything bad to happen to them. 

The selfish side of fear seems like a negative but feeling such a strong connection to someone (even something – like a pet) is a blessing and I believe it changes the way we see the world. Like a flower growing between the cracks in the pavement, it reminds us that there are beauties such as love in an otherwise cruel world. These ones that we love bring us a happiness that we never want to be without. Our own personal sun that brightens each and every day. Maybe it’s selfish to never want them out of our lives but a love connection like that is one that will forever change us for the better.

The second is the fear that we can’t bear to think of the one we love so completely, having to ever be in pain, a pain that you can’t take away. To know or see them hurt is like a poison slowly killing you from the inside out. You know that you would do whatever it took to take that pain away. That is fear. 

In the end though I would rather have fear than live without love.