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Maybe I Was Wrong — October 9, 2014

Maybe I Was Wrong

I hard an overwhelming urge to write so here’s a paragraph of writing. My emotions take over and I’m compelled to write them out. This is a darker side of my writing but hopefully you enjoy it.


The photo stares at me haunting my thoughts, leading them to places I don’t want to go anymore. The tears have run dry and even as my throat chokes up I know there will be no more tears, I promised myself. I miss you like hell but I’m not going let that consume me. Hating you is unnatural, it tears my soul apart. I like to live in my fantasy world where we’re still so close, where you don’t hate me and where my heart doesn’t ache all the time. I’m sorry, I was wrong. They’re the words you want me to say to you to fix things but it will never go back to the way it was. One stupid fight and now there’s a gaping tear that’s ripped us apart. If or maybe when that tear heals over there will always be that scar that will never fade enough for us to forget. I’ve never been good at being stubborn, it’s not in my nature but this time is different. It goes against every fibre in my body but I’m not surrendering this time, not yet. The ball is in your court but your stubbornness is controlling you. You’re older so why aren’t you wiser? If nothing is stronger than the love a parent has for their child then why the hell hasn’t that taken over yet? What happened to the days when you were humble enough to admit your wrongs? I expected better, I expected so much more. You were my hero, we’ve always been close but it’s scary how a single fight has broken our seemingly unbreakable bond. When did your pride take over your love for your family? When did you turn into everything that you’ve always hated? How could all of the noble morals you taught me just slip away? All eyes are on me to apologise, I’m the one in the wrong, right? And you’re pitied by everyone because of how wonderful you used to be. I’ll take my share of the responsibility but you know I had every right to lose it with you. You should’ve known I could only take so much yet you kept pushing. Although it’s like acid eating away at me I will stand my ground, for once.

Maybe I was wrong. No, this time YOU were wrong!


Looking In The Mirror – My Imperfections Are Showing — October 4, 2014

Looking In The Mirror – My Imperfections Are Showing

If I look in the mirror for long enough I will always find some flaw, some terrible imperfection that still isn’t hidden by my carefully applied make-up. I thought I’d covered them all up but there they are, tainting my reflection that seemed acceptable only a few moments ago. I feel like the imperfections in my personality, my soul are somehow showing on the outside for all to see. I don’t know what I want to look at when I stand in front of the mirror, maybe some strange illusion of perfection – whatever that is.

Just when my demons threaten to consume me my husband wraps his arms around my waist, lightly kisses me on the cheek and smiles as he tells me ‘You look beautiful.” And just like that, he has silenced my demons. He is my strength. He is the one thing that will forever remind me that I am beautiful to him and that’s really all that matters.

Love is never to be underestimated. It has the power to show us beauty in places we thought there was none. It gives us the strength to battle our demons and reminds us we will always have someone on our ‘team.’

love heart quote1

I pray that everyone finds their soulmate and feel the love that it brings.

Thank you John for showing me how glorious love can be.

Teardrop by Lauren Kate 3.5 Star Review — October 1, 2014

Teardrop by Lauren Kate 3.5 Star Review


by Lauren Kate

Teardrop Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate is most probably my favourite author so before I had even started this book, I had very high expectations.

Teardrop is certainly not one of my favourite books but I still liked it. The ideas were unique and her writing is for the most part, of a high standard. The characters were well developed and you were roped in to the story quickly.

The Good: The cover – OF COURSE! It was just beautiful in true Lauren Kate style. The strength of Eureka as a person although one could sometimes confuse her strength with a lack of emotion altogether. Brooks was a lovable character who you got very attached to. Ander was also a great character although quite confusing and sometimes his actions were downright strange. The kind of strange where most people would have kept their distance from him. The story was very engaging and made me tear up in a few spots were I felt very empathic toward the emotionally crippling situation Eureka was in.

The Bad: Firstly I hated how confusing it was in so many parts. It left me feeling stupid after having to read a few pages twice just to get my head around it. Some sentences were disjointed and didn’t make sense but that lessened as the book went on. I don’t think the whole idea of the book was explained very well at all. There were many things that just didn’t make sense and the reader was never given an explanation for. I finished the book still trying to understand the concept and the reasoning behind the character’s actions. Eureka’s dad was a feeble, under-developed character that almost didn’t really fit into the story. Ander was the kind of guy that I don’t think anyone would continue to spend time with after the first encounter. Eureka’s personality was often malleable which got annoying sometimes. I did like Brooks, he was vivacious and fun. In a real life situation he and Eureka would undoubtedly be boyfriend and girlfriend. I felt like I was really left in the dark regarding anything about Ander despite the book being so long. It did drag on a bit and the ending came on suddenly, leaving the reading wondering if their version on the book was missing chapters. There was one scene that was much too descriptively violent for what it needed to be.

OVERALL: This book only rated 3.5 stars for me because although I really enjoyed the basic storyline the bad points were numerous.

Will I be reading Waterfall when it comes out? Yes because I’m curious to see if that book is better that the first. There is real potential there so let’s just hope she’s ‘upped her game.