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Waterfall – Lauren Kate Review – 2 Star — December 28, 2014

Waterfall – Lauren Kate Review – 2 Star

Waterfall Lauren Kate cover

Eureka’s tears have flooded the earth, and now Atlantis is rising, bringing with it its evil king, Atlas. Eureka is the only one who can stop him, but first she must learn how to fight. She travels across the ocean with Cat, her family, and Ander, the gorgeous and mysterious Seedbearer who promises to help her find Solon, an enigmatic lost Seedbearer who knows how to defeat Atlas.

Once on land, Eureka is taunted by gossipwitches, a group of displaced Atlantean sorceresses, and ambushed by locals struggling to survive amid the destruction her tears have wrought. And she feels no closer to facing Atlas or saving the world when Solon lets slip that love is Ander’s weakness, and that any affection he feels toward her makes him age faster.

Trying to make sense of the dark world her sorrow has created, Eureka receives startling insight from an enchanted pond. Her bewildering reflection reveals a soul-crushing secret: if she’s strong enough, Eureka can draw on this knowledge to defeat Atlas—unless her broken heart is just what he needs to fuel his rising kingdom…

I recently purchased a copy of this book with a gorgeous cover that promised to hold a captivating story inside. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case at all. I honestly don’t think I could rate this book any higher than a 1.5 star and because I can’t do halves I’ll have to round up and make it a 2 star. The only reason this book got any higher than a 1 star was mainly because I love Lauren Kate’s writing style and that was her saving grace from a 1 star rating.

Positives – The cover was beautiful. I loved Ander (still) – a loyal character whose love was unwavering and maybe his part in the story was what contributed to my annoyance. Lauren Kate was a way with words and her writing style is a pleasure to read. If only the storyline complimented her talent….

Negatives  – Sadly, the negatives vastly overshadow the positives with this book. The story line was tangled and messy, confusing the reader and expecting them to understand concepts that the author obviously assumed were easy to pick up on. When I finished reading this book I wasn’t left excited to read the next book but rather annoyed that I’d bothered to read this book. Eureka toys with both boy’s emotions and it starts to get old. The story drags on in many parts and it makes you irritated at yourself for still bothering to continue with it. The ending was completely unexpected (and not in a good way), disjointed and downright confusing. The last few chapters didn’t fit in with the rest of the book and should’ve been wound in before the end. It felt like a rushed ending to a tediously long storyline. There was also some unnecessary violence but it was the same with the first book.

Overall – I feel the Lauren Kate has missed her mark with this series. The Fallen series will always be one of my favourites but it’s hard to understand how an author, who got it so right has now got it so wrong with this series. Lauren Kate obviously understands the ‘Teardrop’ world that exists in her own mind but doesn’t convey it to the reader very well which leaves the reader annoyed and confused. How can you enjoy a book if you can’t understand it? This book may be a book that requires multiple reads before you understand (any of) it but I wouldn’t torture myself by reading it again nor would I waste my time. Sadly I rate both this book and the first – Teardrop as a disaster and certainly won’t be reading any more in the series. I had high hopes that this book would be much better than the first as I saw real potential for it but that just wasn’t the case. If you enjoyed the first book then maybe read this one but I definitely won’t be recommending it to anyone.

Broken — December 26, 2014


Just need to spill some words out tonight and writing always soothes me. Enjoy 🙂
The tears wind their way down my cheeks, following the same path as their fallen brethren. Tear lines that are a well worn track by now.
Sometimes things break and sometimes those things are irreparable. Sometimes it’s us that irreparably break.
That defined moment when apart of you breaks and you feel the full force of the wave of realisation crush you.
There are only a few parts of the human soul that have the power to break it and those few parts make up love. The love of a mother; the love of a father; the love of a sibling; the love of a pet and the love of a ‘soul mate.’ These are parts that makes us who we are but when one of those precious parts is broken we can be changed forever. There is no going back.

The power of a mother’s/father’s love was meant to be unwavering but such love is not the sturdy anchor that I believed it to be.

All my strings have been severed and I lay here on the floor in a crumpled mess as the tears easily run the course toward the cold ground. I realise that all but one string is gone, that last final string holds my head up and keeps me from drowning in my sea of tears. He is my final string, he is the one who saves me from crashing to the ground. He will always be there to hold me up until the day we die. He has given me strength and faith that there is still a type of love that is unwavering and that love is his. He is my saving grace……

Sorry it’s disjointed but it’s nice to do some writing again and let my brain spill out its thoughts.