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Blogging the Controversial — February 25, 2020

Blogging the Controversial

Life happens, and in it’s wake every individual has a unique view on the world along with a collection of experiences that are unique to them. This means that people experience things that lead to controversial thoughts or views. Vygotsky believed in humans being shaped by their experiences and I strongly believe in that.

So…. Recently I experienced a death in my immediate family and I have strong views on that. I want to blog my views, I want people to read it and consider their views, but most of all I want it to be seen by those who may benefit from it. My desperate need to share my views about a controversial, triggering topic is something most people who blog have faced yet I’m still unsure if and when I should do it. I don’t want to cause harm with my views because that’s not the point of my writing but I also want to share my unique views and experiences on a touchy subject.

Being controversial doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Not everyone will agree with or even like your controversial views but if it resonates with just one person then isn’t it worth putting out there?