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Blogging the Controversial — February 25, 2020

Blogging the Controversial

Life happens, and in it’s wake every individual has a unique view on the world along with a collection of experiences that are unique to them. This means that people experience things that lead to controversial thoughts or views. Vygotsky believed in humans being shaped by their experiences and I strongly believe in that.

So…. Recently I experienced a death in my immediate family and I have strong views on that. I want to blog my views, I want people to read it and consider their views, but most of all I want it to be seen by those who may benefit from it. My desperate need to share my views about a controversial, triggering topic is something most people who blog have faced yet I’m still unsure if and when I should do it. I don’t want to cause harm with my views because that’s not the point of my writing but I also want to share my unique views and experiences on a touchy subject.

Being controversial doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Not everyone will agree with or even like your controversial views but if it resonates with just one person then isn’t it worth putting out there?

What Drives A Human — October 21, 2019

What Drives A Human

I think that sometimes my mind wanders at the strangest times but when I have an idea, a thought, I get completely lost in it. One that came to me lately and has been bugging me ever since is the motives of human beings. I had a terrible thought whilst driving in the car with my husband and I couldn’t stop analysing it.

Are human’s innately selfish? Deep down, at the very core, are we just creatures driven by our own selfishness. A morbid thought but one that I can’t ignore. There isn’t much comradery around anymore and people will stampede others just to get some unnecessary item cheap or free. Let’s face it, the fuelling behind that is not a pretty one. I can’t sanctimoniously make such a declaration without admitting my own deep-rooted selfish desires. The scary part is that I worry that deep down, when survival relies on it, how long will our humanity last?

Broaching this theory with my husband, who I’m not sure is one to question the universe, I confessed that it was a discerning thought. His response – no, I think people are either driven by selfishness or love. It can be either.

As a man who will certainly not be the next Gandhi, I was surprised by his insight. This is a man who has experienced examples of how dark humans can really be, yet he makes me consider my theory, gives me hope that there’s more to humans.

I’m still analysing this theory, but my usually not contemplative husband has got a point. There are many cases that showcase a side to humanity that isn’t based off selfishness. Maybe I’m just a half empty kind of gal. I’m glad I’ve got a half/half kind of guy to change my perspective.

What Songs Are On Your Playlist? — February 4, 2015

What Songs Are On Your Playlist?

I don’t think I could live without music. Beautiful words sung in a beautiful tune is something that can really ignite my imagination. I always seem to have music playing, even when I’m writing. Today just for something different, I thought I’d share the songs on my favourite playlist and I would love everyone else to share some of their favs too. This is judgement free zone on music choice 😉

My Top Ten – Not in any particular order

1. Heart by Heart – Demi Lovato

2.The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez

3. Clean – Taylor Swift

4. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

5. You Ruin Me – The Veronicas

6.When The Darkness Comes – Colbie Caillat

7. Elastic Heart -Sia

8. Almost Is Never Enough – Ariana Grande

9. Clarity – Zed ft Foxes

10. Highway Don’t Care – Tim McGraw ft Taylor Swift

*Honourable mention to – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy* Just to prove I do like songs other than female artists.

It was really difficult to choose just 10 but I think those are my favourites right now (it changes regularly). I recently got the Mortal Instruments Sound Track and there are some awesome songs on there (hence why I’ve got three on my list). Most of those songs have really great lyrics and that’s a lot of the reason why they’re my favourites playlist. The raw emotion in them helps me channel that into my writing.

Who else is game to post their fav songs?


Australia – The lonely island where dreams have limits — September 29, 2014

Australia – The lonely island where dreams have limits


This blog isn’t just about me loving and being proud of my country but also of the struggles Australian Artist/Writers face by living here.

Australia – The lonely island with beautiful landscapes that harbour all kinds of deadly creatures. It’s the ‘land of the free’ where pretty much everyone is descended from criminals. Our home is usually summed up as ‘beautiful but deadly’ and I love that.

Welcome to Australia

I’ve travelled to a few place over the globe (nowhere near as many as I would like to) but Australia truly is unique. I’m a born and bred Aussie and love my home land. I lived in Japan for a few months and loved the experience but upon arrival home I realised I missed it much more than I had thought. It’s not just because my life and family are here either. We can boast some of the most beautiful beaches while adding in the multiple animals that want to kill you all in the same sentence. The centre of this land is filled with a landscape that will kill you in a matter of days and you’ll be lost forever. Stray of the lonely road and death isn’t a chance but a reality. There’s no shade for miles, water is a distant memory and if you happen to come across any animal (cattle, dingoes, eagles, camels) they’ll probably kill you before you can kill them so food is a forgotten luxury as well. Moral of the story – maybe just stick to the bigger highways with lots of traffic. I love my country but there are some big disadvantages especially in industry I want to break into.

Artists including writers have learnt sine they were a child that gaining success, even fame in this country for their talents usually means that that’s where it will end. We all know that it’s near impossible to take our talents to the next level and become known worldwide. The most recent perfect example of this is Iggy Azalea. Amethyst Amelia Kelly was a country town Aussie girl who knew all too well that to be someone in this world you had to go to ‘the land of the famous,’ on the other side of the globe.

Unfortunately Iggy Azalea seems to have disassociated herself from her birth country as well as gaining a very natural American accent in a very short amount of time. We all have a reasons for the decisions we make but I can’t help but think that her reasoning may have stemmed from the belief that being known as a foreigner might hamper her chances to be ‘big.’

As a writer who has manuscripts that I dream will be loved worldwide, I know that the chances of that whilst living in Australia and committing to Aus publishers are probably very slim.

There’s so much talent in this beautiful harsh country that hopefully, one day the world will look to us for the latest crazes, music, books, movies and much more. There is endless inspiration here and I hope the world sees that sooner rather than later. So why not check out Aus origanted works of art such as music, books, movies, etc, I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

I’d love to know what everyone thinks of when they think of Australia?

map of aus puddle

Authors and Writers – Why do you want to be Famous or Well Known? — September 8, 2014

Authors and Writers – Why do you want to be Famous or Well Known?

The thought of becoming a ‘famous’ writer always hangs at the back of my mind but what drives me to that? Why do I so desperately want to be famous for doing what I love?

Fame quote1

It got me thinking about the reason other writers/authors (or anyone) want to become famous. I guess fame in the writing word can be interpreted in many different ways. My idea of fame is having thousands of people own a copy of atleast one of my books.

We all have different reasoning to push our work and make a name for ourselves. This is my reasoning –

I want people to love my work. I want the reader to look forward to my next book, to go on the emotional roller coaster that my characters go on. I want my books lingering on the shelves of many, many bookshops all over the world, pages dog-eared from frequent use. I want my words to have a profound effect on people, to shape them in the best kind of way.

Many books I’ve read have opened my mind to different ideas and points of view. That’s exactly what I want my books to do. I’ve included some difficult issues in some of my writing and I would love for an impressionable person to read that and learn from the character’s mistakes rather than making them themselves.

I would love to create a book that ropes the reader into the story so much so that they find themselves tearing up at certain parts (and not because the book is THAT bad haha). That is when I will feel as though my work is not that bad after all. For a reader to get so emotionally involved in a story that they’re upset enough to cry when appropriate tells me that I have written that book/story to an acceptable level. I’m not one to be conceited about my work but that is how I measure the level of success of my writing. Of course then you have to convince thousands of people that your work is worth their time. That’s a huge feat which is why I appreciate small milestones.

Why do you or did you want to become famous for doing what you love?

Fame quote3

Writing The Taboo Subjects — July 24, 2014

Writing The Taboo Subjects


I’ve had many ideas come to me for my next book where the protagonist is a young female (cliche I know). Not all of these ideas are “PG” rated. It left me wondering about the writing of taboo subjects. Is there a line? Will my book be shunned if I include these subjects? How much of a risk is it adding these subjects in? Will I be significantly limiting my readership because of this?

I’ve decided that the areas in the book that I add in these subject which I feel strongly about, will be written twice – both with and without those subjects included. Cowardly? Probably but that’s my solution.

So for curiosity’s sake my subjects that are so taboo? Well no it’s nothing to do with homosexuality (although I have considered adding it in briefly to one of my manuscripts eventually); Sex isn’t much of a taboo subject any more in our society which is a little disheartening; What’s left? First subject – Eating disorders. I went to an all girls college my whole life and if you didn’t know of or were a girl with an eating disorder then you must’ve had your eyes closed. There wasn’t much bullying in my grade but without a way to get to know any males you only had the odd social event where your looks were what got you attention or didn’t. It was so important to what seemed like everything in your life at school that you had a boyfriend yet now looking back it shouldn’t have even mattered.

High school is the perfect environment to breed insecurities in adolescents that are so susceptible to any kind of criticism. Young teenagers that are always desperate to be the perfect female that media has depicted for that point in time.

Unless you’e been there then you won’t understand the mind-set that comes with an eating disorder. I guess that is a lot of the motivation for me to add this in. I want young teens to read my book and maybe find that their outlook on food isn’t healthy. I would love to help just one teenager with my books. One teenager that may be heading down a toxic path that has found the strength by reading my words to break free of that terrible cycle.

Subject number two – drink spiking leading to date rape. I don’t want my protagonist to get raped but to be in a dangerous situation although she will of course be lucky enough to get away/be saved. I want to raise awareness to the dangers of under-age drinking, the importance of always watching your drink and the consequences that can follow from trusting ANYONE with your drink.

The things are very real in today’s society and yet we brush it aside. Ignorance ISN’T bliss!

Fingers crossed my work can get published without having to tear the parts that include the subjects I feel passionate about. Granted I should stick by my work but there sometimes comes a time when we need to concede defeat and move on.

Are my subjects too much for our current society or is it time we included the harsh realities into our writing?

Your Characters are Influenced By Your Life – Like It Or Not — April 15, 2014

Your Characters are Influenced By Your Life – Like It Or Not

This blog entry isn’t just for writers but for readers and writers alike.

What makes your favourite character? Favourite villain? Favourite hero? And why? It all comes down to your own personality and life experiences. Every single one of us will have different answers and hundreds of different reasons too. In a love triangle in a book I always fall in love with the guy who has loved her from the beginning. The unwavering love that will always be there is the one that will always triumph over the rest. True pure love doesn’t die. There is no end to it so for me a character who posses that kind of love will always win my heart. But that’s just me and I’m a true romantic.If you take your favourite book and look at the characters you connected with most. Are those characters the same ones that the writer has promoted to those roles? Not always but that’s a good thing.

Every author, whether they know it or not, bases their characters on what they love and hate and their life experiences. I attended an all girls college for the whole of my schooling. When you’ve got 1000+ girls together there is a lot of bitchiness and always an unspoken competition over whose parents have the most money. Unfortunately I was near the bottom and although I harboured a lot of resentment toward those girls with exceedingly wealthy parents, I am now appreciative that my parents taught my the value of money. We always had to budget and I was very grateful for everything I was given. My sister and I were spoilt by our parents as much as they could afford (and so much than that) but we were respectful. Manners were a huge thing in my house and we weren’t even allowed to say bum. All of those things have shaped me to unknowingly create antagonists that are usually female, mostly bratty and impolite. My protagonists are usually relatable to me – regardless of how much money their family has they are polite, respectful and many nice things but not EVERYTHING. Of course I refuse to allow my life thus far dictate all of my writing but it is nice to create a few characters that bring out strong feelings within you whether it be positive or negative. That is something that I feel is paramount to writing. You need to feel passionate about all of your characters (main ones especially) in order to portray them in a way that people can also relate to. So next time you read or write maybe stop for a moment to consider why you love/hate certain characters and you might find you learn something about yourself. It’s important to never been ashamed of the things in life that have shaped you as a person because sometimes they can inspire you to write something incredible.

Better get back to editing I guess…..



A love Shakespeare could only dream of – Dedicated to my husband <3 — February 26, 2014

A love Shakespeare could only dream of – Dedicated to my husband <3

This is just some of my raw thoughts, I’m baring my naked soul in this writing. I apologise for any mistakes but this was written straight from the heart and I didn’t want to edit it. It is what it is.

This is dedicated to my amazing husband John Bull –

He held out his strong arms offering me the sanctity of his embrace. I more than happily obliged, being safe in his arms was what I sorely needed. I loved him more than anything I had ever known and the beating of his heart against my own pulled together to beat in sync. I was safe, I was loved and as long I was in his arms I always would be. Fleeting fears splattered through my head and I pressed against him trying to push them out. It was so hard to stop myself from letting these fears manifest into the sickening ideas they were. The ‘what if’s’ started to flood my mind and fear crawled into my previously calm heart. It was as though ice had slowly slide down my neck making my hair stand on end as it did. I felt sick, my stomach churned. I hated these thoughts, they plague me when I least expected it.

What would I do without him? What if he wasn’t there? What if something happened to him? My brain created an array of sickening scenes and theories that catch my breath in my chest. A million nightmares would be better than this. I can’t live without him. I know it, I know it more than anything. He is my life force, the one thing that tethers me to real life, the one thing that keeps me sane. Without him I’d fall apart, crumbling to pieces littering the ground, broken.

You make the stars shine, the sun flood me with it’s warmth and the calmness of night fall upon me. You are my world. I know you love me for everything that I am and I will never understand why but I’m so glad you do. Life before you seems like a lonely world of black and white compared to my life filled with a kaleidoscope of colours now. Together we are perfect, two souls that fit exactly together. You’ve made me understand and feel that complete, all consuming love, the love I’ve read about my whole life. I stumble but you won’t let me fall, you’re always there. There’s no coming back from this love, our love. I don’t know how to live without it and I doubt I could. When you die I want to be right there with you.

As if you sensed my fears enclosing around the happiness in my mind you squeezed me tighter, the feel of you pushed those fears back into the depths where they belong. Your lips grazed my forehead as you gave me a gentle kiss, saying more than words ever could. I am yours and you will always protect me, always. I’m not scared of death, I’m scared of life without you.

Loving you is more natural than breathing and with every beat of my heart I love you more. Forever is not long enough.

Where ever you are, that is my heaven