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Happy New Year! — January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you’re still on the path to your new year resolutions! I’m wavering a little but basically on track. So far 2015 has been a great and exciting new year.

Goals for my blog this year –

*More book reviews

*Blogs on writing

*Blogs on editing

*Random pieces of writing (from yours truly)

*Maybe even a few exerts from my manuscripts.

My writing related goals for this year –

*Meet new friends

*Reach more people with my blog

*Start the ball rolling on my publishing journey with my manuscripts

*Read and Review a lot more books than I did last year

*Blog way more often (starting now)

*Get more involved in the world of all things writing

*Finish two of the manuscripts I started last year

*Try and keep a journal/diary.

I’ve got a lot of goals but at least I have some great things to work towards.

What are everyone else’s goals for 2015?

2015 happy

Broken — December 26, 2014


Just need to spill some words out tonight and writing always soothes me. Enjoy 🙂
The tears wind their way down my cheeks, following the same path as their fallen brethren. Tear lines that are a well worn track by now.
Sometimes things break and sometimes those things are irreparable. Sometimes it’s us that irreparably break.
That defined moment when apart of you breaks and you feel the full force of the wave of realisation crush you.
There are only a few parts of the human soul that have the power to break it and those few parts make up love. The love of a mother; the love of a father; the love of a sibling; the love of a pet and the love of a ‘soul mate.’ These are parts that makes us who we are but when one of those precious parts is broken we can be changed forever. There is no going back.

The power of a mother’s/father’s love was meant to be unwavering but such love is not the sturdy anchor that I believed it to be.

All my strings have been severed and I lay here on the floor in a crumpled mess as the tears easily run the course toward the cold ground. I realise that all but one string is gone, that last final string holds my head up and keeps me from drowning in my sea of tears. He is my final string, he is the one who saves me from crashing to the ground. He will always be there to hold me up until the day we die. He has given me strength and faith that there is still a type of love that is unwavering and that love is his. He is my saving grace……

Sorry it’s disjointed but it’s nice to do some writing again and let my brain spill out its thoughts.

Bleeding Out These Raw Words Straight From My Soul — November 27, 2014

Bleeding Out These Raw Words Straight From My Soul


Today is one of those days where typing out the words that are inspired by a difficult situation is harder than ever. I assume all authors draw some inspiration from certain life events and it is those significant events that shape us so hell why not share our emotional experiences with our readers. The great thing is though that we can cloak the realness of our experience behind our characters. Our readers never have to know how real a situation is to us or whether or no we have experienced something like that. We draw our inspiration from every aspect of life and that includes the books we read and movies we watch.

As hard as it can be to write down these words and as horrible as it is to remember the tough moments from where the inspiration is drawn, it is sometimes great therapy. I find that sometimes writing about things gives me a release from the emotional pressure that can build up. As a reader I know that when I read a part of a book where a character has to go through a situation that relates to something in my life I feel a closeness with them. Those words can leave your scars raw but it can benefit both you and your readers greatly. I’ll be your fan club and remember I’ll be cheering for you and sympathising with you as you bleed out those words.

Stay strong my friends xox

Writing the ‘Hard Parts’ – NaNoWriMo — November 11, 2014

Writing the ‘Hard Parts’ – NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is well under way and I’m sure there are others like myself who are trailing (even just a little) in the word count. I’m a first timer and I don’t think I’ve been taking it as seriously as I thought but I’m not far from catching up. It’s been head down tail up the last two days to ensure I don’t fail but it’s been fun.

nanowrimo toon

The problem that I have realised is affecting my word count is the fact that I’m currently writing the ‘hard parts.’ Hopefully I’m not naive in thinking that I’m far from the only one who has those parts of their book that isn’t as fun or is maybe even emotionally taxing. It’s the latter for me at the moment. The part I’m writing contains a lot of raw emotion and I’ve found myself avoiding my daily writing when I can because after I finish my 1600+ words I’m left drained. This work in progress contains parts that draw on previous experiences and the emotions that came along with them and to relive that can be a tiresome activity that I dread. If I keep going and work through it then it won’t be long before I’m writing the parts that I love. I’m exciting to get to that but I guess as with everything you have to do the hard yards before you can reach your goals.

Good luck fellow NaNoWriMo writers (and of course all writers in general). Just remember we all feel your pain when we write our ‘hard parts.’

Write on my friends xox

Nanowrimo Distractions — November 6, 2014

Nanowrimo Distractions


Its the 6th day of NaNoWriMo and I’m ‘almost’ on track with my word count. It’s my first time doing NaNoWriMo and I’m loving it. The strict time constraint really gives you the push to write, REALLY write until your story is told. Honestly I was very naive going into this and didn’t realise how crazy it would be staying on track. Over 1600 words per day didn’t seem too bad until I started to work out that one or two days missed writing meant I had to write at least 3200+ words the next day to keep up which felt like an insurmountable goal for just one busy day. It’s been awhile since I’ve been at school and I had forgotten the repercussions of not doing your ‘homework.’ Difficult as it may be, I’m enjoying using it as a great excuse to actually sit down and write. I’ve been taking it very seriously and I won’t allow the thought that I won’t finish, cross my mind.

Unfortunately though I’m a professional procrastinator and little things easily distract me, like for example – blogging and tweeting. Then there’s the bad habit of facebooking for 20mins+ every day without fail…. The worst part about NaNoWriMo is I don’t have the time to read 😦 I’m sure it’ll be worth the sacrifice in the end.


What is the worst distraction from writing especially when trying to compete in NaNoWriMo?

Happy writing everyone!

Maybe I Was Wrong — October 9, 2014

Maybe I Was Wrong

I hard an overwhelming urge to write so here’s a paragraph of writing. My emotions take over and I’m compelled to write them out. This is a darker side of my writing but hopefully you enjoy it.


The photo stares at me haunting my thoughts, leading them to places I don’t want to go anymore. The tears have run dry and even as my throat chokes up I know there will be no more tears, I promised myself. I miss you like hell but I’m not going let that consume me. Hating you is unnatural, it tears my soul apart. I like to live in my fantasy world where we’re still so close, where you don’t hate me and where my heart doesn’t ache all the time. I’m sorry, I was wrong. They’re the words you want me to say to you to fix things but it will never go back to the way it was. One stupid fight and now there’s a gaping tear that’s ripped us apart. If or maybe when that tear heals over there will always be that scar that will never fade enough for us to forget. I’ve never been good at being stubborn, it’s not in my nature but this time is different. It goes against every fibre in my body but I’m not surrendering this time, not yet. The ball is in your court but your stubbornness is controlling you. You’re older so why aren’t you wiser? If nothing is stronger than the love a parent has for their child then why the hell hasn’t that taken over yet? What happened to the days when you were humble enough to admit your wrongs? I expected better, I expected so much more. You were my hero, we’ve always been close but it’s scary how a single fight has broken our seemingly unbreakable bond. When did your pride take over your love for your family? When did you turn into everything that you’ve always hated? How could all of the noble morals you taught me just slip away? All eyes are on me to apologise, I’m the one in the wrong, right? And you’re pitied by everyone because of how wonderful you used to be. I’ll take my share of the responsibility but you know I had every right to lose it with you. You should’ve known I could only take so much yet you kept pushing. Although it’s like acid eating away at me I will stand my ground, for once.

Maybe I was wrong. No, this time YOU were wrong!


Looking In The Mirror – My Imperfections Are Showing — October 4, 2014

Looking In The Mirror – My Imperfections Are Showing

If I look in the mirror for long enough I will always find some flaw, some terrible imperfection that still isn’t hidden by my carefully applied make-up. I thought I’d covered them all up but there they are, tainting my reflection that seemed acceptable only a few moments ago. I feel like the imperfections in my personality, my soul are somehow showing on the outside for all to see. I don’t know what I want to look at when I stand in front of the mirror, maybe some strange illusion of perfection – whatever that is.

Just when my demons threaten to consume me my husband wraps his arms around my waist, lightly kisses me on the cheek and smiles as he tells me ‘You look beautiful.” And just like that, he has silenced my demons. He is my strength. He is the one thing that will forever remind me that I am beautiful to him and that’s really all that matters.

Love is never to be underestimated. It has the power to show us beauty in places we thought there was none. It gives us the strength to battle our demons and reminds us we will always have someone on our ‘team.’

love heart quote1

I pray that everyone finds their soulmate and feel the love that it brings.

Thank you John for showing me how glorious love can be.

Authors and Writers – Why do you want to be Famous or Well Known? — September 8, 2014

Authors and Writers – Why do you want to be Famous or Well Known?

The thought of becoming a ‘famous’ writer always hangs at the back of my mind but what drives me to that? Why do I so desperately want to be famous for doing what I love?

Fame quote1

It got me thinking about the reason other writers/authors (or anyone) want to become famous. I guess fame in the writing word can be interpreted in many different ways. My idea of fame is having thousands of people own a copy of atleast one of my books.

We all have different reasoning to push our work and make a name for ourselves. This is my reasoning –

I want people to love my work. I want the reader to look forward to my next book, to go on the emotional roller coaster that my characters go on. I want my books lingering on the shelves of many, many bookshops all over the world, pages dog-eared from frequent use. I want my words to have a profound effect on people, to shape them in the best kind of way.

Many books I’ve read have opened my mind to different ideas and points of view. That’s exactly what I want my books to do. I’ve included some difficult issues in some of my writing and I would love for an impressionable person to read that and learn from the character’s mistakes rather than making them themselves.

I would love to create a book that ropes the reader into the story so much so that they find themselves tearing up at certain parts (and not because the book is THAT bad haha). That is when I will feel as though my work is not that bad after all. For a reader to get so emotionally involved in a story that they’re upset enough to cry when appropriate tells me that I have written that book/story to an acceptable level. I’m not one to be conceited about my work but that is how I measure the level of success of my writing. Of course then you have to convince thousands of people that your work is worth their time. That’s a huge feat which is why I appreciate small milestones.

Why do you or did you want to become famous for doing what you love?

Fame quote3

Should Writer’s Blogs only be about writing, reading and books? — August 29, 2014

Should Writer’s Blogs only be about writing, reading and books?

Should Writer’s blogs only be about writing, reading and books?

The short answer – No, I don’t think so.

Inspiration Imagination quote

I am following a few author’s/writer’s blogs and am surprised that I never see any posts about anything that doesn’t directly relate to reading, writing or books and I don’t know why. If you’re a writer then why not share where you get inspiration from? My life experiences may just inspire someone else so why should I not share that with others? Books can be very inspiring but they are the result of the compilation of another writer’s inspiration. 

Every day little things in my life provoke a whole whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. These ideas invoke feelings that makes me think of character traits that would suit certain characters I’m writing or intend to write about. 

Hopefully some of my strange musings might invoke a train of thought that will inspire my readers in some way. So, for now I shall end with a few inspirational quotes from those smarter than I.

Pat Brisson Quote



To Love Is To Fear — August 21, 2014

To Love Is To Fear

To love is to fear

The thought came to me recently when I heard about a friend’s husband who had passed away. Love is what drives away all our other fears but it does however (and deny it as much as you like) create a new kind of fear – a fear of live without such love.

Taken away fear

There are two types of fear that come with loving something so incredibly much. Of course there is the selfish love – I don’t want to live without them; and then there’s the – I never want anything bad to happen to them. 

The selfish side of fear seems like a negative but feeling such a strong connection to someone (even something – like a pet) is a blessing and I believe it changes the way we see the world. Like a flower growing between the cracks in the pavement, it reminds us that there are beauties such as love in an otherwise cruel world. These ones that we love bring us a happiness that we never want to be without. Our own personal sun that brightens each and every day. Maybe it’s selfish to never want them out of our lives but a love connection like that is one that will forever change us for the better.

The second is the fear that we can’t bear to think of the one we love so completely, having to ever be in pain, a pain that you can’t take away. To know or see them hurt is like a poison slowly killing you from the inside out. You know that you would do whatever it took to take that pain away. That is fear. 

In the end though I would rather have fear than live without love.