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Bleeding Out These Raw Words Straight From My Soul — November 27, 2014

Bleeding Out These Raw Words Straight From My Soul


Today is one of those days where typing out the words that are inspired by a difficult situation is harder than ever. I assume all authors draw some inspiration from certain life events and it is those significant events that shape us so hell why not share our emotional experiences with our readers. The great thing is though that we can cloak the realness of our experience behind our characters. Our readers never have to know how real a situation is to us or whether or no we have experienced something like that. We draw our inspiration from every aspect of life and that includes the books we read and movies we watch.

As hard as it can be to write down these words and as horrible as it is to remember the tough moments from where the inspiration is drawn, it is sometimes great therapy. I find that sometimes writing about things gives me a release from the emotional pressure that can build up. As a reader I know that when I read a part of a book where a character has to go through a situation that relates to something in my life I feel a closeness with them. Those words can leave your scars raw but it can benefit both you and your readers greatly. I’ll be your fan club and remember I’ll be cheering for you and sympathising with you as you bleed out those words.

Stay strong my friends xox

Nanowrimo Distractions — November 6, 2014

Nanowrimo Distractions


Its the 6th day of NaNoWriMo and I’m ‘almost’ on track with my word count. It’s my first time doing NaNoWriMo and I’m loving it. The strict time constraint really gives you the push to write, REALLY write until your story is told. Honestly I was very naive going into this and didn’t realise how crazy it would be staying on track. Over 1600 words per day didn’t seem too bad until I started to work out that one or two days missed writing meant I had to write at least 3200+ words the next day to keep up which felt like an insurmountable goal for just one busy day. It’s been awhile since I’ve been at school and I had forgotten the repercussions of not doing your ‘homework.’ Difficult as it may be, I’m enjoying using it as a great excuse to actually sit down and write. I’ve been taking it very seriously and I won’t allow the thought that I won’t finish, cross my mind.

Unfortunately though I’m a professional procrastinator and little things easily distract me, like for example – blogging and tweeting. Then there’s the bad habit of facebooking for 20mins+ every day without fail…. The worst part about NaNoWriMo is I don’t have the time to read 😦 I’m sure it’ll be worth the sacrifice in the end.


What is the worst distraction from writing especially when trying to compete in NaNoWriMo?

Happy writing everyone!

Authors and Writers – Why do you want to be Famous or Well Known? — September 8, 2014

Authors and Writers – Why do you want to be Famous or Well Known?

The thought of becoming a ‘famous’ writer always hangs at the back of my mind but what drives me to that? Why do I so desperately want to be famous for doing what I love?

Fame quote1

It got me thinking about the reason other writers/authors (or anyone) want to become famous. I guess fame in the writing word can be interpreted in many different ways. My idea of fame is having thousands of people own a copy of atleast one of my books.

We all have different reasoning to push our work and make a name for ourselves. This is my reasoning –

I want people to love my work. I want the reader to look forward to my next book, to go on the emotional roller coaster that my characters go on. I want my books lingering on the shelves of many, many bookshops all over the world, pages dog-eared from frequent use. I want my words to have a profound effect on people, to shape them in the best kind of way.

Many books I’ve read have opened my mind to different ideas and points of view. That’s exactly what I want my books to do. I’ve included some difficult issues in some of my writing and I would love for an impressionable person to read that and learn from the character’s mistakes rather than making them themselves.

I would love to create a book that ropes the reader into the story so much so that they find themselves tearing up at certain parts (and not because the book is THAT bad haha). That is when I will feel as though my work is not that bad after all. For a reader to get so emotionally involved in a story that they’re upset enough to cry when appropriate tells me that I have written that book/story to an acceptable level. I’m not one to be conceited about my work but that is how I measure the level of success of my writing. Of course then you have to convince thousands of people that your work is worth their time. That’s a huge feat which is why I appreciate small milestones.

Why do you or did you want to become famous for doing what you love?

Fame quote3

Should Writer’s Blogs only be about writing, reading and books? — August 29, 2014

Should Writer’s Blogs only be about writing, reading and books?

Should Writer’s blogs only be about writing, reading and books?

The short answer – No, I don’t think so.

Inspiration Imagination quote

I am following a few author’s/writer’s blogs and am surprised that I never see any posts about anything that doesn’t directly relate to reading, writing or books and I don’t know why. If you’re a writer then why not share where you get inspiration from? My life experiences may just inspire someone else so why should I not share that with others? Books can be very inspiring but they are the result of the compilation of another writer’s inspiration. 

Every day little things in my life provoke a whole whirlwind of thoughts and ideas. These ideas invoke feelings that makes me think of character traits that would suit certain characters I’m writing or intend to write about. 

Hopefully some of my strange musings might invoke a train of thought that will inspire my readers in some way. So, for now I shall end with a few inspirational quotes from those smarter than I.

Pat Brisson Quote



Writing A Great Antagonist – Nature Vs Nurture — June 13, 2014

Writing A Great Antagonist – Nature Vs Nurture

When I read a book, see a movie, watch a TV series I’m very picky when it comes to the characters. Yes I love fiction but if a main character seems to have personality inconsistencies it can be very off-putting and ruins the illusion throwing you back into your life and not the fictional world you were lost in. I’m not a published author nor have I any fantastic writing achievements to my name (yet haha) but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I like as a reader/audience.

My family always makes jokes about me watching the crime channel on pay tv and until I really sat down and thought about it, I didn’t really understand why I liked to. And here it is –

I’m going to relate this to books and writing rather than anything else as this applies to me. Most of the time the protagonists in a book are relatable and their motives are something we can relate to or even just understand. I feel that this is because most people we associate with are, for lack of a better word, good. Their intentions usually lack any kind of malice. Everyone does something bad in their life, the severity varies but it’s usually not bad enough to be classified as evil. There are some who have a sick, evil streak through them which I believe puts them on the border of evil.

I talk about evil as a high percentage of antagonists can be described as evil. This leads the reader to question the reasoning for this evil. It comes down to the simple statement – Nature verses Nurture. The age old saying is what every author needs to ask themselves when creating their antagonists. Because in our social circle there usually isn’t a person who is evil. This is where shows that are on the Crime Channel become an invaluable learning tool. I watch them to try and get a better understand of these people’s motives but sometimes there aren’t any. I’ve found that although there may be events in their past that could help trigger their violence, most seem to almost be at peace with what they have done, want to do and the urges that drive them. There was one many who killed over 25 women and his story got me thinking. He was raised on a meat farm and grew up slaughtering animals, his mother was violent and he lost both parents close together when he was an adult but he lived with and cared for them. I won’t go into detail but I was left wondering – in a different situation, with a different family and a different upbringing but the same DNA would this man have become a killer? This man had two siblings but both moved out of home early and never looked back. I keep wondering do these two (male and female) have any violent tendencies? Do they have a suppressed urge to inflict pain? Do they have pets, a family and how do they treat them? They aren’t killers (as far as anyone knows) but is it because they ‘got out early’ of a horrible situation overwhelmed by death albeit it be animals? Was this killer born or raised to be what he became?

I feel that to create that perfect antagonist, a writer should know without a doubt whether that character’s actions come down to Nature or Nurture. 

Silence is the Window to the Soul — May 18, 2014

Silence is the Window to the Soul

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged or really had much to do with social media as I’ve felt I needed to concentrate on family time but as I sit in the silence on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t help but write. I have been editing of late which means that I won’t let myself be distracted by writing as I know I’ll get carried away and forget to finish my editing. This hasn’t helped my attitude toward editing which is already not highly regarded by me. A necessary evil but reading my work does ignite a sense of pride and excitement. 

But on the cloudy afternoon, in the solitude of my empty house I allow my thoughts to wander. It’s a strange thing to explain to those who don’t like to write but allowing your head to venture into the unknown thoughts that linger in the shadows is a release. It is a soothing sense of freedom that makes me want to forget it all and start writing something new. The only way I can explain it is (I assume) the same freedom that a dog in a car with its head out the window enjoying the breeze whistling through its fur feels.

Silence is the real window to the soul I believe. In silence we can let our soul be free and create what it wants. In silence our thoughts can take over our reality, smothering the boredom that so often comes along. Its a beautiful sound. Nothing, just nothing. There’s a ticking clock but it seems so distant. My head spins with new ideas that its hidden for too long. I’m happy, I feel at peace with the world and with that comes the level on release that allows my mind to do what it does best – create. The stories, characters and scenarios spin wildly through my head and I marvel at my brain. All the emotions I feel in my reality have marked my soul in some way and all of those marks have had their purpose in my ideas. Strong, overwhelming emotions can give you the understanding of some of your characters and that is what makes a book so much better – related, realistic characters. 

I have my pen and notebook and my laptop to take note of these ideas. Soon the noises of life will start up again and I will have to leave my imagination and its thoughts at the back of my mind. As my family returns, a sliver of disappointment washes over me but then I realise these are the ones that show me such powerful emotions, these are the ones that inspire my writing.