I was fortunate enough too receive a free book in the mail a few weeks ago. Naturally I was stoked. I started reading it within a few days. I had high expectations as I assumed it was a Young Adult book with a touch paranormal weaved in. I WAS SO WRONG! This book must be New Adult because 20 pages in Fifty Shades of Grey would be proud. Now I’m no prude but a bit of warning would’ve been great. Some scenes don’t need THAT much detail. I mean I get it, they had sex it was great they both enjoyed the experience. I’m 40 pages in to this book and I look at the book all the time, cringing at it, desperate to give a decent review but too honest for my own good. The concept is stupid, the language is corny, the scenes are irritating and don’t make sense. I read another review of it and accidentally saw a spoiler where one of the main characters just dies, supposedly very uneventfully and unnecessarily. Yeah that’s given me incentive to persevere….. not! Some of the reviews are great and I’m glad for the author but I don’t really want to come in and say in short – this book is shit, you’re wasting your time. I may continue to read the book some time but right now I feel I have FAR better things to do. It might be best to now give a review or even a rating on good reads. I realise that there will be always be people who hate my writing my my empathy for this writing dictates that I forget it ever existed. 

I wonder how many people give very, very bad reviews for book they got as a gift/free?