Can’t believe this is the last book 😦 but in saying that it ended perfectly (well for the most part). I’ve absolutely loved reading the Violet Eden Chapters series. Definitely one of my favourite series. I couldn’t put this book down! I definitely recommended this book but make sure you read the previous books first. I must say that I thought Empower might be sub-standard because I felt the series should have been resolved in the previous book but on the contrary, it was necessary and fantastic after all. The ending was perfect 🙂 Who doesn’t love it when the hurdles holding lovers back are finally over come. We all knew it was coming but it just made it that much better when they did finally get there. Surprisingly as much as I loved the previous books, I thought this book started very strange and confusing although eventually it got much better.  

I love how strong Violet is and the love that Linc continues to harbour for Violet is just beautiful. I think their difficult relationship really showed how strong someone’s love can be for another regardless of what happens.

My favourite character was actually Phoenix. He was so sexy, confident and suave at the beginning but watching him crumble when he was rejected was so sad. It was so relatable when he was just devastated when Violet broke his heart. His actions mirrored his pain and it really drew the reader in to remember their heartbreaks. I loved everything about Phoenix – his personality, his actions, his looks (haha of course). The only problem I had was how it ended for him. I felt he was sort of cheated out of a happy ending. I understand it seemed to be a fairly happy ending for him but I didn’t like it.

Violet was a great character with a very detailed personality but sometimes I felt like I couldn’t relate or understand her actions. Her actions were sometimes frustrating but otherwise she was very well written.

Lincoln was my other favourite because his love was so unwavering (although I’m pretty sure Phoenix’s love was nearly as strong). Sometimes his actions also confused me but his love was unlike other any other character I’ve read about. It was completely all-consuming. He never questioned it at the end.

I will miss reading about Violet, Linc, Phoenix and all the other wonderful characters but I think the ending was satisfying (despite a few cliche, groan-worthy moments).
Thanks Jessica Shirvington for creating such a wonderful series that really drew us in and made us re-think aspects of our own lives.