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Never Underestimate the Human Mind – Just For Laughs — November 3, 2019

Never Underestimate the Human Mind – Just For Laughs

Like most adults, my memory isn’t great. Ask me what I had for dinner last night and there’ll be a pause at best. ‘I’ve got a bad memory’ is basically a staple in most adult’s phrase book. There are some memories though that you’ll never forget – my wedding, the birth of my baby (okay, I hadn’t slept for a day but we’ll just say I kind of remember that) but then there’s the weird moments. Case in point –

I was 16 years old and at a Japanese boarding school. We had an Aussie teacher teaching us Japanese lessons. I remember his name clearly, Blake. There was one lesson where, for the entirety of it, he had snot dangling from his nose. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS!!!! It’s still funny 15 years later. But WHY does this stupid memory in my mind block out so many possibly important ones. I don’t understand! I am glad though that that one silly memory can always make me giggle like a teenager.

To Blake, wherever in this world you may be, your slightly embarrassing situation has brought many giggles to me in the last 15 years so thank you.